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Down in south India Tamil brides adore themselves with jewelry made from gold with divine designs and decorated with precious stones which are mostly pinkish red in color. Carefully designed they give a rich and magnificent traditional look. The jewelry has it’s own rich history and shows how culturally rich Tamil Nadu is. You may also consider some of these styles for a typical South Indian culturally splendid wedding since most of the styles are inspired by temples across South India.


These precisely designed jewelry are made to be adored head till toe. I would love to cover all the jewelry used by these beautiful women.

Jewelry covering hair plaits:

Hair Chotli, Jidai Billai :

The hair is beautifully braided and then these jewelry studded with ruby or stones or with divine styles are attached to give the bride a rich antique look. It goes well with low back cut blouse.


Don’t you love the elaborate divine designs here below ?


Hair is covered mostly with flower or both flower and accessory:

Jasmine is largely used to beautify the hair along with rose petals. Jewelry along with flowers are also used to create a splendid look.Well sewn blouses with intricate embroidery and mostly baring the back are in trend these days which highlight the blouse designs and also the hair style done.


Really love the low cut blouse and the jasmine flower added to create a simple yet beautiful style. Even simply adding the daisies in between the plaits can look good too.


Papidi Billa or Nethi Chutti also known as Maang Tika in hindi covering the head:

This three piece head jewelry is studded with a lot of pinkish red colored stones also called the kemp stones along with small white pearls dangling around the edges.


It is also worn by bharatnatyam dancers.

The different Haaram’s or Necklaces:

Necklaces of different lengths are usually worn. They are largely made from gold and embellished with pearls or stones such as emerald or rubies. Below is an ancient looking beautiful venugopal haaram meticulously designed with all the details.


Temple jewelry haaram with several layers of gold beads is also a trend these days. If you are wearing one of these make sure not to add too many necklaces to avoid a messy look.


Close neck red stone temple jewelry necklace with matching earrings. This necklace pattern depicts mango leaves. Its quiet famous and worn by many women across south India.


LINGA PADAKKA MUTHU MALAI has rows of pearls with a lingam at  the tip of the pendant. Created with emerald and ruby stones and set in an elaborate encrusted base supported by two bejeweled peacocks with their rich plumes swinging upward.The lower pendant has the standard lotus motif.


The gorgeous goddess laxmi embellished coin necklace and earrings set along with pearls is yet another common trend. Both short and long haarams with these intricate patterns are widely worn.


Vanki /Armlet/Bajuband:

Inspired by Royal traditions in south India these spectacular Vanki / Armlet design’s are a visual delight. They are worn only on one of the side arms. Below are the three different design patterns widely adored all across south India too.

armlet traditional1 (1)



Kada and Bangles:

Designed either with divine patterns or embellished with Stones such as rubies or emerald they look grand and marvelous. Different bangle patterns are often clubbed and worn on each hand.



A few colored plain bangles with gold bangles in between them and also on the edges look great too. Bangles of different styles are generally worn but make sure it blend it well.

Vaddanam or Waist Belt:

They look grand when worn around the traditional kancheevaram silk sarees. They also provide a neat look to the saree pallu since it is held well with the waist belt’s support too. Looks great on a slim waist. Meticulously designed with various stones or simply plain.


Buttalu or Jhumkis:

Buttalu or jhumki’s create a splendid ancient look. They are uniquely designed with a dangler sometimes connecting the hair. This jhumki covers the entire ear with proper support to keep them in place. If you don’t have a lot of piercings in your ear and yet looking for it to be extensive then this jewelry fits the bill.


Kancheevaram Sarees:

Kanchipuram saris woven with a lot of golden silk are largely popular among Tamil brides. Suns, moons, chariots, peacocks, parrots, mangoes, leaves and many such stunning motifs are woven into Kanchipuram patterns

Below is a kancheevaram saree with a rich pallu depicting traditional tamil folklore.


If you are attending a wedding or if its your engagement ceremony then you can keep it simple and yet elegant with minimal jewelry and saree style as below. Cream saree with red border can be a great choice for these occasions.


Rich kancheevaram saree with elaborate golden silk woven all around it are brides favorites. If you are an Indian whom does this remind you ? Of course the famous Bollywood yesteryear actress Rekha. She is often spotted sporting these saree’s at various award ceremonies.


Nose Jewelry:

They wear several nose rings with shiny stones or a stud along with a nose ring inserted in between the two nose holes.


Finally how can we miss a culturally different lady adoring this style. Doesn’t she look adorable ? We love the way she has kept it neat, elegant and the jewelry pattern uniform. Her makeup accentuates the style keeping the traditional aspect intact.

Now don’t you agree they all look divine?. So if you are the soon to be Tamil bride or want to try this elegant look i hope this post really helps you achieve it. Last but not the least don’t overdo the necklaces. Creating a layered look starting from a short necklace close to the neck to the long haarams just above the waist belt looks elegant. Make sure to leave some space between each necklace. Another vital point to remember is to keep the design pattern of jewelry uniform. Best way to achieve it is to buy them as a set having all the above mentioned jewelry together.


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